Benefits of Selling Art Online

Online art sales are predicted to go over $9 billion per year by 2024. As technology improves and the world changes, selling art online is bound to become more lucrative than ever before. In 2018, over $4 billion in art sales were conducted online. Clearly, moving your work online for sale is a smart business […]

Why People Are Buying More Art Online

As technology improves our access to artwork, it seems only natural that art collectors would turn to the internet to scout new talent and acquire more pieces for their collections. In fact, the increased emphasis on art in popular culture has caused a broad uptick in how engaged people are with the art world, and […]

Dealing with Challenges in Fine Art Photography

Creating your own fine art photographs is a process—even trained photographers have to learn to deal with certain challenges beyond light, exposure and focus to get the results they want. Fine art photography challenges in Palm Beach, FL can include anything from not having a cohesive vision to simply not evoking emotion of any kind. […]

New Perspectives on Looking at Contemporary Art

Many people don’t appreciate contemporary art because they’re unsure of how to analyze and respond to it. Contemporary art expression in Palm Beach, FL is certainly different than what you’d see in a Renaissance painting, but an obscure meaning doesn’t make it any less of an art form than others. When you look at contemporary […]

What Is Fine Art Photography? What Are Its Key Characteristics?

With the proliferation of digital cameras, just about everyone fancies themselves a photographer these days—but to call photography fine art, you need to look for fine art photography techniques in Palm Beach, FL. To the untrained eye, a nice photo of a sunset can be considered fine art (and it might be, depending on how […]