An apotheosis of radiance, these lush examples of repurposed layers of paint beckon the viewer to be spellbound. Illustrating the opulence of precious jewels, Weidel has created a series of small, ornate paintings—some shimmer, some shine, some provide breathtaking detail.

Weidel has utilized an unprecedented art form—finding, preserving, and piecing together intricate layers of long-forgotten paint. Just as a crystal is cut to an eye-catching design, Weidel’s Bijous are crafted from delicate urban extractions to a refined perfection.

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Magnum Opus

Artist Lawrence Weidel’s unique and original “ Magnum Opus: The Lifeworks Collection” is a landmark tour de force…

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Quantum Dots

The Quantum Dot series represents a lifetime of Weidel’s study in possibilities…

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Fine Art Photography

Lawrence Weidel is a visual storyteller, capturing vivid moments of a cinematic caliber…

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