Why People Are Buying More Art Online

As technology improves our access to artwork, it seems only natural that art collectors would turn to the internet to scout new talent and acquire more pieces for their collections. In fact, the increased emphasis on art in popular culture has caused a broad uptick in how engaged people are with the art world, and viewing art itself—but the market is slowing down despite the increased access.

One reason is that art is traditionally viewed, bought and sold in physical art galleries, which allow you to observe the work up close. We all know how the size and texture of a piece can greatly impact our emotional experience or reaction, and that attitude has largely been the reason art is rarely sold online.

The other reason the market is slowing—and why it’s important that art collectors go online these days—is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As galleries have to shutter thanks to state shelter-in-place orders, it’s harder to physically access art. Shopping online for art in Palm Beach, FL is the natural solution to keeping the market from stagnating and keeping your collection fresh. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better access to different artists: When art is shown and sold in galleries, it can impede access for those who are unable to travel. High-budget buyers say that 30 percent of them buy online because they’re unable or unwilling to travel to see pieces in person. This makes it possible for artists to connect with a much bigger market, and offer exclusive works for online buyers only.
  • More information available about the piece: When you buy a piece, you’re depending on what the gallery owner or artist themselves tells you about the work, and there’s often a sense that you need to act right away to avoid missing out. Buying online allows collectors a much bigger breadth of information available. Buyers can take their time researching and contact the seller when they’re ready.
  • It’s easy and convenient: It might seem unglamorous to buy a piece of artwork from your couch, but buying online also is far more convenient and easier than physically traveling to a location. You save time in browsing collections as well as going to the galleries, allowing you to broaden your search.
  • Pricing can be more competitive: Finally, prices online are often more competitive than at galleries. Comparison-shopping is a lot easier online, which means that if a gallery or artist wants to sell, they need to look to the market for guidance. Even high-budget buyers appreciate this option—who doesn’t love beautiful art for a relative bargain?

Buy art online in Palm Beach, FL

If you’re ready to buy art online, call Gallerie Y. If you’ve seen a piece online or are ready to take the plunge with something you’ve admired before, we can help match you with the perfect piece to start or continue your collection. In normal times, our gallery is open by appointment only, so be sure to plan to visit us soon!

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