What Is Fine Art Photography? What Are Its Key Characteristics?

With the proliferation of digital cameras, just about everyone fancies themselves a photographer these days—but to call photography fine art, you need to look for fine art photography techniques in Palm Beach, FL. To the untrained eye, a nice photo of a sunset can be considered fine art (and it might be, depending on how the photo was taken), but what you’ll see in a gallery will usually utilize one or more of these techniques and hallmarks.

There’s no definitive explanation of what fine art photography is, but there are ways to help identify it. When you’re taking a picture—or looking at one hanging on the wall—consider these factors:

  • A message: The most important thing that distinguishes fine art photography from a nice photo is that it will have an underlying message. For example, photos of urban ruins might be making a statement about decay and consumerism, but your sunset photo’s message is probably more along the lines of “Hawaii sure is pretty.”
  • A vision: An artist typically will have a vision of what they want their work to look like before they start out trying to capture it. While fine art photography can and does happen by chance, more often than not the artist will have given it a lot of thought ahead of time.
  • The artist’s statement: Like a cheat sheet for deciphering art, the artist’s statement behind the work can give you a clue as to whether it might be called fine art photography. They’ll often discuss their vision as well as the message they’re hoping to impart—but keep in mind that all art is open to personal interpretation, as well.
  • Their body of work: When you consider an artist’s body of work as a whole, you’ll likely see repeated themes and styles that make it a more cohesive collection. For example, Robert Mapplethorpe is immediately recognizable thanks to his specific style as well as the subject matter he chose to photograph.
  • Their techniques: Generally, artists use repeating techniques and mediums within their entire body of work, which contributes to the cohesive feeling. Many famous photographers limited themselves to one or two cameras, giving an overall aesthetic similarity to their work.

Fine art photography is partially in the eye of the beholder, but these factors can help you tell whether it’s art or simply a nice photo—and there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

Explore fine art photography techniques in Palm Beach, FL

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