Why We All Need Art in Our Homes

Art is everywhere, from advertisements and public sculptures to galleries and museums—and we should all have art in our own homes, too. More than just an aesthetic choice, art makes us happier, smarter and more open to new experiences. Art can make a statement or be the focal point of your room, helping harmonize your décor or stand out from the walls. It’s a deeply personal choice to select a piece for your home—which is why Gallerie Y loves educating our clients about the stories behind our art for sale in Palm Beach, FL.

Here’s why we think it’s important that all of us have art in our own homes:

  • It evokes emotion: Above all, art evokes emotion, from positive to negative—you might want a soothing piece for your bedroom or a bold, angry piece that gets people talking in your living room. Choosing the emotion is every bit as important as choosing the colors to complement your décor.
  • It can be aesthetically pleasing: Obviously, many people select art for their homes because they think it’s beautiful—and that’s a perfectly valid methodology. After all, it’s your home and environment, so it’s natural that you would pick pieces that please you.
  • It helps you express yourself: As you start to collect art, you develop insight into your personality, values and likes and dislikes. You’ll feel more at home when you’re surrounded with carefully-chosen pieces, and visitors will get a unique look into what makes you different.
  • It makes a house more like a home: A home without art is far less welcoming—those special touches go a long way toward creating a lived-in, welcoming space.
  • It tests our boundaries: When you choose a piece that challenges your worldview, you’re making a commitment to growth right in your own home.
  • It encourages us to think about the possibilities: Art can be inspirational in many ways. You may marvel at the artist’s technical skill or talent for innovation. You might choose a piece that reminds you of a long-held dream or treasured memory.
  • It fosters connection: Finally, art fosters communication and connection. When you walk into someone’s home and see a truly striking piece of art, you’re likely to comment upon it and share your thoughts with someone. Whether positive, negative or neutral, sharing your ideas about how the art was made, what it’s about and how it makes you feel opens up dialogue between people.

Home art for sale in Palm Beach, FL

Gallerie Y showcases a broad range of artwork across many mediums, allowing you to step into our showroom and find a piece that speaks to you. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or are making your first fine art purchase, we’ll walk you through each piece and give you insight behind its creation and artist. Our gallery is available by appointment only, located on historic Worth Avenue. Make an appointment today to discover our spectacular home art in Palm Beach, FL. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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